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Written by CrazyCousinLance   
Friday, 17 June 2011 17:30

What is this bad rap that concrete galoshes have gotten over the years? My cousin and I have Have turned this apparently bad thing into something good and useful. We use this previously mafia oriented custom to usher in the Fall, by symbolizing the end of summer and not wearing shoes by encasing our feet in concrete. It was further used for smiting hurricanes by showing mother nature that we weren't going anywhere in a hurry. At first, it was amusing and something to do every September 5th, but over the years it has become serious business. As soon as we noticed that we were able to control the fate of south Florida, it became a refined ritual that had to be done each and every year. You see, there have been only 2 years that we didn't do this and that was 2004 and 2005. And it happened that those two years we had some major hurricanes in the palm beach county area.

This ritual is not fun and is taken very seriously now, since south Florida now depends on good weather and lack of destruction to keep everyone happy.

There are very few rules that we follow now and this is what they are; You, the participant must buy or make your own forms. And you must mix your own concrete. You may receive help, but all decisions to mixing and quantities of water added must be made by you. The purchase of the concrete can be made by anyone and the pouring can be assisted by anyone if necessary . Our personal preference is to start your shoes before dark and to keep then on until September 6th. But actually you must keep your shoes on until they have set-up where you are able to walk around in them. Over the years. Our standards have risen to the point that, if you need a hammer and chisel to get the shoes off, it was a successful concrete galoshes day. In the last couple of years, we have truly been tested to see if we have the metal to pull it off as the weather was bad at the time and tried to make us quit. So be prepared to do this in the rain. Having a biker buddy will help with your toilet needs, since usually some sort of beer drinking is involved.

As for your forms, they can be large, as my cousin usually prefers, he gets plastic file boxes which hold (60 lbs+) is common. But I personally prefer the smaller galosh about 40 lbs with added re-bar for strength. Your cement shoes will be entirely of your choice or design. Any sort of entertainment will be your choice/

My cousin and I usually expand our concrete galoshes day by doing something challenging each time, like traveling some distance to do a chore or challenge.

It is always better to do this event with someone else as you will be sitting in the same spot for at least 4 hours, and it may get mighty boring.

We will use fast setting concrete in smaller 50 pound bags for easier handling, and I do not recommend using hydraulic cement as it is designed to expand to fill and seal cracks, and may also get much hotter than you would like. Speaking of heat, from experience, we find that wearing shoes and socks wrapped in plastic bags, make this a much more tolerable experience.

Why do this apparently crazy act you ask? Well I shall tell you, you see in 2008 there was a hurricane headed straight for south Florida and it happened to be the fifth of September, we prepared our shoes and from the power of our faith and ritual, the storm suddenly diverted away from us. Unfortunately, it hit Texas soon after and caused much damage.

Now I feel it is my duty to let everyone know what we have been doing, so they may do the same and save their cities from damage as we have done. Possibly, if ever city performs this ritual the storms may dissipate in the ocean....

The Significance of September 5th PDF Print E-mail
Written by CrazyCousinLance   
Friday, 17 June 2011 15:50

September 5th is the day that concrete galoshes are put on your feet, this day is used to ward off hurricanes from Palm Beach County. This day has much power as it is the day that has the beginning and end of some famous and infamous people throughout history. As an example: Mother Teresa and Crazy Horse died on this day. As for births, Jesse James and Raquel Welch were born on this day.

With a gathering of the Good, the Bad and the Beautiful and Crazy forces all in one day, gives much power to this ritual on Concrete Galoshes Day. Although this day is not a national holiday, it shall prove to be one of the most important days of the year.